The New US Ambassador To Germany

The New US Ambassador to Germany

Earlier this month, Amy Gutmann was officially confirmed by the United States Senate to be the US Ambassador to Germany. Ambassador Gutmann was nominated by President Biden in 2021.

The Senate’s voting finished with 54 votes in favor and 42 against the nomination, with 4 Senators not voting. Amy Gutmann is filling an empty position since the last US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, resigned in 2020.

The 72-year-old professor of political science president of the University of Pennsylvania is now the first-ever US Ambassador to Germany. Her father was from an Orthodox Jewish family, born in Feuchtwangen, Germany, and fled to India in 1934. He came to the United States in 1948 and Amy was born a year later in Brooklyn, New York.

Good relations between the United States and Germany have been a big discussion point for some time, especially after the newly elected German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited President Biden in Washington D.C.

We are certainly looking forward to seeing what Ambassador Gutmann will do as the new US Ambassador to Germany.