The New German Federal Government Is In Office

The New German Federal Government is in Office

The new German Federal Government is now in office from the Bundestag election in late September after the members of the Federal Cabinet received their certificates of appointment from Federal President Steinmeier.

“There is a sense of curiosity and hope as your government takes up its duties,” said Federal President Steinmeier, “I certainly speak for the vast majority of our compatriots when I wish you the best of luck and much success in your work - for the good of our country”.

The Bundestag President Bas officially announced the formation of the Federal Government after the Federal Ministers were sworn in at the Bellevue Palace and took their oath of office in the Bundestag.

Olaf Scholz Elected as Federal Chancellor

The Bundestag also elected Olaf Scholz as the new Federal Chancellor. Scholz was voted on by 395 of the 736 members of the Bundestag, giving him the Chancellor’s majority of at least 369 votes. 707 Bundestag members opted to cast their votes by secret ballot.

After being elected, Federal Chancellor Scholz received his certificate of appointment at the Bellevue Palace and then returned to the Bundestag where he took the oath of office, sworn in by the Bundestag President Bas.

The oath of office went as follows: “I swear that I will devote my strength to the welfare of the German people, increase its benefit, avert harm from it, uphold and defend the Basic Law and the federal laws, fulfill my duties conscientiously and do justice for all.”

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Photo: Federal Government/Steins